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Windows 11 Download Here – Download Win 11 ISO / Windows 11 ISO File | Upgrade To Microsoft Win 11 :

Windows 11 Download or Microsoft Win 11 Download is very easy now . By downloading Windows 11 ISO File / Win 11 ISO File we can install Microsoft windows 11 operating System in our personal computers or laptops . Here in this article i will tell you how to download windows 11 operating system ISO file and i will explain how to install Win 11 operating system in our personal computers & laptops . Before going to download win 11 ISO file , we need to know what is ISO file . ISO is an image type file which converts data into executive file format . Major part of software applications are converted into iso file format , because of easy conversion and easy retrieving to the personal application .

Windows 11 Download

In worldwide crores are people using microsoft Windows operating systems . We all know how much popular is Microsoft operating systems. There are several versions in Microsoft operating systems which are windows 93 , windows 98 , Windows 2000 , windows 2002 , windows XP , windows 2007 , windows Vista , windows 10 and now Windows 11. It takes so many years to reach win 11 . We all know now a days it is impossible to work without computer . So that we need to have a computer in every work . The computer works with the help of operating system. A good operating system will improve the performance of computer work and faster the the quality of work . So that people always choose best operating systems .

Microsoft WIN 11 Download “

After choosing best operating system people used to to install it in the personal computers are laptops . Like the same way people have chosen Microsoft Windows operating systems from past 20 years . Now is the turn of win 11 operating system . Who are using windows Vista or Windows 7 or windows 10 can upgrade there are operating system without any cost which means free of cost . Microsoft has given opportunity to there registered customers to upgrade windows 11 with full support at free of cost .

” Windows 11 32 Bit Available Here ” 

Windows 64 Bit Available Here

Microsoft Windows 11 operating system can be available in two variants which are windows 11 32 bit , windows 11 64 bit . Both 32 & 64 bits work properly in suitable configuration . To install windows 11 operating system in our computer you should have at least 3GB Ram and at least 50 GB hard disk . Without this configuration windows 11 will not work properly . If someone forcefully install win 11 without having the minimum configuration whether it will be hang or it will be Bang him.

All they need to do is is using microsoft Windows website to upgrade their existing windows operating system to Windows 11 or the need to download Windows 11 ISO file and then install it at the personal computers or laptops to work properly . Here in below I am going to explain a stepwise procedure of of upgrading Windows 11 or download Windows 11 ISO file / downloading win 11 iso file . Kindly follow the below stepwise procedure carefully .

Microsoft Windows 11 Download Links For 32 Bit & 64 Bit :

Win 11 ISO File Link  For 32 Bit  

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Microsoft Win 11 ISO File  Link For 64 Bit


Windows 11 Release Date – When It Is Going To Release  :

There is no official confirmation regarding release date of windows 11 from the Microsoft Company . I know lack of people are very exiting about Windows 11 releasing date / win 11 release date . Sources stating that in the middle of November month there will be e an official announcement of windows 11 operating system by Microsoft Windows officials . As it has already been announced and the software is now available at open source . After official announcement by the company , anyone can download win 11 32 bit ISO file & 64 Bit ISO File . Windows 11 32 bit & 64 bit ISO Files are available to download here . Windows 10 registered users need not to pay single rupee to upgrade windows 11. Microsoft has confirmed that previous version users can upgrade to win 11 with out paying a single rupee .

Note : As per the sources in November 2nd Week we will expect Win 11 Software ISO File .
Windows 11 System Requirements

Requirements To Install Windows 11 In our Computer :

  • 1.2 GHz single-core processor (32-bit)
    OR 1.4 GHz single-core processor (64-bit)
    2 GB RAM or above
    1024 full HD screen resolution
    Approximately 20 GB of available hard disk space is Recommended Configuration

  • My recommendation is to have a minimum of 2.0 GHz dual-core processor or above
    a Minimum of 4 GB RAM or for smooth processing
    HD / Full HD with 1680 x 1050 screen resolution or higher
    Approximately 50 GB of available hard disk space.

How To Upgrade To Windows 11 From Previous Versions :

To upgrade windows11 in your personal computer or in your laptop , there is a specific procedure to follow .  One who has followed the set of instructions carefully will upgrade his computer himself or her self with out any experts help .

  1. First Open start Menu in your Existing Windows operating System .
  2. After opening Start menu , search for settings 
  3. Click on Settings to open Settings Tab . Under settings , Select Update & Security 
  4. After opening Update & Security option , there you can find Windows Update
  5. In the Windows Update menu , you will have an option to Upgrade to Windows 11
  6. Click on Windows Upgrade , it will required a fast internet connection to download and install automatically .

How To Download Microsoft Win 11 ISO File | Windows 11 Download Procedure : 

After Successful release of Win 11 Software we will have ISO Download option . By using the downloading option we can download ISO file to our computer . There are number of websites which are offering ISO file formats in online . We can choose any one website to get the file , After downloading the file we need to extract the same to convert the file from ISO to Exe Application format .

How To Install Windows 11 32 Bit or 64 Bit OS :

  • Download Windows 11 ISO File from any one of the Download link .
  • Connect a 32 Gb bootable pen drive or SD memory Card to your computer or lappy .
  • Now we need to convert the ISO file to Exe file using ISO to USB bootable Format .
  • There are several software applications which will help to export ISO to Bootable file format . You can check ISO To USB Windows 10 & ISO to USB Windows 11 in google to understand the procedure .
  • Now open any ISO to Bootable File format application and select pen drive as Output folder .
  • Select the Windows 11 ISO File which you have already downloaded in your computer  and click on convert to start converting to bootable format .
  • Click on Start button to start the process of File converting . In the time of file conversion do not disturb the computer with operating another applications .
  • When the conversion process completed , You will have 4 to 5 folder with contains windows 11 operating System .
  • The conversion process is finished and now its turn to install windows 11 where you want to .
  • Remove the Pen Drive or SD Card from the device and connect the same to the new device which we want to install new operating system .
  • Now restart your new laptop / PC and keep pressing the boot key – F10 .
  • When it opens Booting Options  , Select USB as the primary device for Booting .
  • Now save the booting settings by taking Save All – F12 Option
  • The settings will be saved and it will restart now with Windows 11 Operating System .
  • Now Choose your Language, Time, and Keyboard Input Method. Click on Install Now.
  • If you dont have Product key , go with ” I Dont Have a Product Key ” , Or if you wanna a registered member just go and purchase a licensed version from Microsoft store  and enter the product key in the product key box .
  • After installation too you can register your license or you can enter your key so just skip it now .
  • Select Windows 11 Edition to install the same in your new device .
  • If you want to Partition go with it . Please make sure that it will wipe out all data which leads loosing all your stored data in your hard disk .
  • Else just Format the C drive and install the same in C Drive . Some computers and laptops there is no D drive which means in the time of Operating System installation you have not devided your hard disk into 2 or 3 parts . In this case save you data before formatting C Drive . All your existing files are stored in C drive only .
  • After partition , select proper options to complete the Windows 11 Installation .

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