Windows 11 Download For Free – How To Upgrade To Windows

Windows 11 Download ( ISO Download / Free Download ) – How To Upgrade From Windows 7 & Windows 10 :

Windows 11 Download / Windows 11 ISO Download ( Win 11 ISO File Download Link ) / Windows 11 Free Download is now available here . Microsoft has announced that they are releasing Win 11 in the fall of 2019 . Win 11 is changing the way that you use your computer. It is built on feedback from people who use their PC in different ways with different needs .The new features in Win 11 are designed to make it easier for you to stay organized, have more control over your work, and get things done .Windows 10 was the most successful version ever for Microsoft with over 700 million active devices worldwide .

Win 11 ISO Download Link

Win 11 Update & How To Upgrade To Win 11

” How To Install Microsoft Win 11 OS “

Windows Eleven is an update to the Windows 10 operating system. The update will be available for download in late 2021 December and will be available for free to both Windows 10 and Windows 7 users. As per the sources from several webpages and blogs & news , in December end there will be a official launch of Win 11 Software . After launching by Microsoft Company we will able to Download ISO file from different places . Once the official release is finished we will update the Windows 11 ISO File Download Links in our website .

 In My previous Article @ windows11 Download i have clearly explained Windows 11 Release Date , Windows 11 Update Features , How To Download , How To Upgrade , How To Install win 11 32 Bit & 64 Bit . Have a look at my previous article to get more information .

What Differs Win 11 From Other Microsoft Windows Versions :

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  • Win 11 is a major upgrade from Windows 10. It has a lot of new features and changes to the OS, which make it more reliable and efficient than before. The Win 11 download is available for free for users who already have Windows 10 installed. There are two ways to get the upgrade: an in-place upgrade or the clean installation.
  • Win 11 is the newest version of windows. You can download it to your windows 10 device for free. Win 11 has many new features, including the ability to work with augmented reality, interactive live tiles, and more. But if you don’t want to upgrade to Microsoft Win 11, then you can still download Windows 10. This introduction is aimed at people who are unsure about upgrading to Win 11 but are interested in downloading it for free.
  • Microsoft Windows Eleven , at its core, is a Windows 10 system. It includes all the features of Windows 10 and adds in some improvements, like the Timeline feature.
  • Win 11 is the latest version of the Windows operating system. It’s available for download now. It improves on features, functionality, and security.
  • Some headline features include an improved task view, a new clipboard feature called dynamic pasting, and a new framework for advanced rendering graphics.

What Is The Installation Process Of Win 11 :

The installation process is pretty straight forward. You need to have a valid Windows 10 license before you can download Win 11. Once you have that, all you need to do is click the “Update now” button on your taskbar or go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Check for updates -> Download – then follow the instructions provided by your screen to complete installation of Win 11. You can get more @ 

Silent Features Of Windows 11 :

  1. Microsoft Win 11 introduces a range of new features and improvements including:
  2. Enhanced search with a new web browser ‘Sets’
  3. A new Task View for virtual desktops
  4. Refinements to the Start menu such as customization, drag and drop, and resizable live tiles
  5. Improvements to Microsoft Edge such as easier reading with eye comfort, dark theme support, and the ability to mute audio in tabs
  6. A more personalized experience with supplemental content from Microsoft services such as Newsfeeds

How To Upgrade Microsoft Windows 11 From Windows 7 , 8 & 10 versions :

Windows 11 is a step up from Windows 7 and 8. It has new features that help it to be more reliable, streamlined and secure. This article is about upgrading your windows 11. You can upgrade your system for free. You will be given the option to upgrade as soon as you start win 11. There are various reasons why you might want to upgrade your win 11. Windows 10 offers more features and security than previous versions of the operating system and you may be missing some of these features if you still run an older version of win11.

The first step is to decide on whether or not you want to keep all of your data on your computer after upgrading, or whether or not you would prefer that it be erased. If you would like the data on the computer to be erased, then do not run any backups ahead of time in order to protect yourself from potentially losing any data that was not backed up prior to upgrading

Steps To Upgrade windows 11 ( Or ) Steps To Install Windows 11 :

  • Backup your computer data such as documents, photographs and videos.
  • Back up your Outlook data such as contacts, calendars and email messages.
  • Perform a System Restore to for backup purpose before the installation of Windows  .
  • If you have already done the back up , skip this step and proceed to upgrade to windows 11
  • Turn off any antivirus programs and disable any firewalls you might have installed on your machine.
  • Download the ISO file for windows 11 from Microsoft’s website.
  • Create a bootable DVD with the ISO file using an application like Rufus
  • If your device not having CD or DVD drive facility , just go through with Bootable USB Drive by Creating a bootable USB
  • Once Conversion from ISO to Bootable USB is finished , Plug the USB to the Computer or laptop which you want t install win 11 .
  • Now restart the Device and choose Boot Menu – F5 / F10 in Some Computers ( Check Your Laptop Guide for Functional Key Information )
  • When You click F5 in Keyboard , you will see Booting Settings . Select Boot Up Primary as USB Drive . So that it can load the USB Drive 1st .
  • Save boot Settings and Now Restart the device to start Installation of Microsoft Win 11 Operating system .
  • Follow the instructions and Select Language and Country , Select proper Drive for installing the file
  • The whole process will complete in 15 to 45 minutes , depends on Memory and USB data Transfer Speed . Once the process is completed you will see on screen that windows has been successfully setup or installed .
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