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Vermicompost In Nellore – Vermicompost Near Me – Vermicompost Price | Check All Details Here :

Vermicompost In Nellore with low prices available . Cocopeat & Vermicompost 1kg Price is just 7 Rupee , Vermicompost 25 kg Bag Price only 175 Rupees & Vermicompost 50kg Bag Price is just 350 only with High Quality Assurance and Free Delivery to Nellore City people . First time in Nellore District , Nellore City history we are offering vermicompost for factory prices , we also offer Cheap price & Wholesale Prices here .Bulk orders means more than 500kg orders will get discount prices .

We all know What is Vermicompost meaning in telugu , If you dont know the exact Telugu meaning here is the meaning.  పశువుల పేడను, వ్యవసాయ వ్యర్ధ పదార్ధాలను కుళ్ళే ప్రక్రియ చాలా త్వరగా జరగటానికి అనువైన పరిస్ధితులను కల్పించడాన్ని కంపోస్టింగ్ (Composting) అని అంటారు . Vermicompost is the main item to grow plants in an Organic way which means Pesticide free manner . But choosing high quality vermicompost is very important .

Here we are offering you the high quality products . We are not compromising in Quality matter so that you can trust us . Use 1 time our products if you dont like the product quality dont come back , only come if you love our product quality . In todays every where people looking for bio forming and organic vegetables . People are interested in Organic Cultivation & Organic Forming.

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Sri Ganesh Botanicas ( SAVS COIR INDUSTRIES PVT,LMTD ) is the firm offering Vermicompost in cheap prices . They are having Cocopeat coir Factories so that they can offer Cocopeat also 7 rupee per kg . They also have a nursery in city outer area . If any one want plants they are offering home delivery with free of cost . We all need to do is just ping them through instagram Id or Message them in whatspp with what we want and how much we want , Our home complete address.

Cash On Delivery Available . – Pay only after product received . Every Saturday they deliver products to all orders received in entire week . No other days delivery except saturday . You can also visit their Cocopeat Factory Near Venkatachalam & Vermicompost Factory In Golagamudi , Nursery In Golagamudi .

Vermicompost & Cocopeat Factories With Best Price In Nellore ( Vermicompost In Nellore ) :

  • Procucts Offering For Home Delivery :
  • Cocopeat ( Coco Peat )
  • Cocopeat Coir – We have Cocopeat Factory
  • Vermicompost
  • Pot Mixing
  • Nursery Plants – We have Nursery too

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