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Shala Darpan Staff Login – Know Your Staff Details & Know Your School NIC-SD ID @ Rajrmsa Portal :

Shala Darpan is an Online Portal from Government of Rajasthan School Education Department which is also well known as Rajasthan Council Of School Education . By using Sala Darpan / shaala darpan / shala darpan portal Teachers and Education department employees can manage their login and check their employee details in online . Sala Darpan is an Automated Software , which helps in recruiting Teachers for the Rajasthan School Education Department Recruitment Notifications .

What Is Shala Darpan & How It Works :

Shala Darpan is Rajasthan State Government Portal which has automated the process of hiring teachers. They have developed an algorithm using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and DNA analysis for matching the right candidates with schools. Partnering with schools across India, they have successfully reduced the average time of hiring by 30%. The Rajshaladarpan team is a vital part of the CPA network. They are responsible for everything from payroll to benefits and other HR related issues. They make sure that the network’s staff is taken care of and happy.

Services Offered By Shala Darpan Portal :

  • School NCI SD Id  Search
  • Staff Id Search
  • Staff Login Registration
  • Transfer Request
  • Transfer Schedule
  • Transfer Order Checking
  • Apply For Award Application

As a member of the Rajshaladarpan team, you will be working with two different teams – Staffing and Payroll. Working as a Staffing Manager, you will be in charge of many administrative tasks, including hiring new employees, reviewing their credentials and deciding what to do with their offer letter once they accept it. You will also need to work closely with HR Operators on a day-to-day basis to ensure that all benefits are processed correctly.

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Algorithm : Shala Darpan’s team of data scientists have developed an algorithm that matches candidates to schools based on their DNA data, academic background, teaching experience and pre-requisite skills.

Machine learning: The algorithm uses machine learning to continuously improve its accuracy of matching candidates to different educational institutes. It also takes into account feedback from both the candidate and school side when it comes to matching them up in order for them to get the best possible experience.

How To Register For Shala Darpan Staff Login | Sala Darpan Staff Login :

  • First open Shaala Darpan Integrated Portal page @
  • After opening the home page , in the left side menu select register for Staff Login
  • Enter Staff NCI SD ID
  • Enter Employee name
  • Enter date Of Birth
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Enter captcha Code
  • Finally click on Submit to complete the Staff Login registration Process.

How To Check Staff NIC SD ID @ http://  : 

  1. First open Rajasthan School Education Department Website which is popularly known as ( Rajrmsa Portal ) Shala Darpan Portal @ 
  2. Direct URL for the Staff Login is @
  3. After opening the home page , select Know staff Details in menu section in the left side of the home page
  4. It will take you to the staff NIC SD ID page , where you can check your employee code . By using the employee user id you can login into the portal and manage your data

How To Search School ID In Sala Darpan Portal @ :

  • Know your School NIC Sd ID is also like the same as knowing Employee id . After opening the home page , select know your school id
  • The link searching School Id will take you to the relevant page where you can check school id number .
  • The direct URL is @
  • By school Name or By District and block name you can search your school id .

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