PF Withdrawal Online – EPF Withdrawal Online ( EPF India Withdrawal )

PF Withdrawal Online ( EPF Withdrawal Online ) | Employees Provident Fund – EPF India Withdrawal Procedure :

PF Withdrawal Online Or EPF Withdrawal Online Available Here . Employees Provident Fund Withdrawal is now available online at EPF India website . We all know Employees Provident Fund Organization is one of the biggest Financial service in whole world . It contains 19.38 crore Savings accounts as per 2016 – 17 financial calculation’s .

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Employees who have a minimum 7year of working experience , and want to utilize their 50 percent of  Provident Fund amount for Marriage , Health Treatment ( Medical Purposes ) , Children Education , Land Purchase , House Purchase / Constructed Home Purchase , House Renovation , Home Loan Repayment  can use their PF Balance for temporary needs. Employees who have age of 54 Completed , Who want to utilize their 90 Percent of PF Amount can utilize their oppurtunity at once . But Partial Withdraw Only possible in the time of Before Retirement Or when the employee reached 54 year age . You can make your EPF India Withdrawal online very simply at website or You can also make the same at Umang Android application . All you need is UAN Login Credentials .

Employees Provident Fund Organization popularly Known as Employee Provident Fund – EPF India allows Employees to Withdraw their Employee Provident Fund in 7 Cases . At only 7 cases you can make withdraw request to EPF India . After a successful verification only money will credited to your linked bank account .

The 7 possible ways To Employee Provident Fund Withdrawal : 

  1. Medical Purposes – If in case Employee or His / Her children & Spouse needs medical treatment , at that case employee can make withdraw request up to 50 % of PF Balance . There is no conditions for this way
  2. Marriage – In the case of Employee Marriage or His / Her children marriage , Employee can utilize his 50 % of contribution in the PF Balance . But to utilize this offer employee need to have a Minimum of 7 Year Job force .
  3. Children Education – In this case employee can utilize up to 50 % of money with a minimum of 5 Year Job force .
  4. Land Purchase , House Purchase / Constructed Home Purchase – In this case also employee can utilize his /her money up to 50 % @ 7 Year job Force condition .
  5. House Renovation – For Own house repair . House remodeling , Employee can choose this option to get up to 50% of PF balance . This condition also required a minimum of 7 Year job Force .
  6. Home Loan Repayment  – In this reason employee can get 60 % of pF Bal with a 7 Year Job force
  7. Partial Withdraw Or Retirement Withdraw – In this case employee has to complete 54 years , before 55 Year he/ her can request for PF withdrawal up to 90 % amount .
  • Note : Please note that For all land purchase , House Purchase , Constructed Home Purchase , Home Renovation , Home loan Repayment – The land or House should be in the name of Employee or In the Joint name of Employee & Spouse . In that case only Provodent Fund withdrawal is Possible .

EPF Withdrawal Online Process – PF withdrawal Online Step Wise Procedure :

  • First open Employees Provident Fund Organization – EPFO Website , Which is popularly known as EPF Member Portal / EPF Portal / EPFO Portal / EPFO Login / UAN Login / UAN Member Portal  @  Link
  • If You want to Open UAN Login Just open here . | If You wat EPFO Login Just Open Here .
  • Login with your UAN Number and Password . After successful login , a new page will open with your Employee Provident Fund Account Page .
  • If your Aadhar Card Number Bank Details & Pan Card details submitted correctly no issue , if you want to recheck the details select KYC Details under Manage section in the main menu.
  • Please check your bank account and aadhar number . pan card number details correctly before initiating PF Withdrawal Online Request . If there is any mistake in Bank Details , Update the details using DDO Login .
  • After a successful verification , there in the menu section , select “Online Services “
  • Select ” Claim Form 31 / Form 19 / Form 10c ” , Under online services under main menu .
  • Now  a new page will be displayed on screen like above image , Select verify option . It is a validation of your Bank Account to initiate EPF Withdrawal Online Request .
  • After verification an Alert will show on screen , It is an  Warning message to indicate that you are withdrawing the amount . Please accept it and choose submit option
  • Now there will be options like Full Time Settlement Or Part Time Settlement ( Loan / Advance Payment ) and Pension Withdraw in the section of I want To Apply For . Select Part Time Settlement for 50 % of PF Balance Withdrawal With Out UAN Number  .
  • Select For 31 , and enter the purpose of withdraw . What purpose you are requesting for EPF India Withdrawal . Example : If you are requested for Marriage select marriage , If you are requesting for Medical purposes select medical purposes .
  • Upload the relevant documents , in upload section and submit the application form .
  • In 20 to 30 days the Amount will be credited to your bank account by EPFO .

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