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Parivahan ( Mparivahan ) – Online Driving Licence & RC Status / Registration Certificate Status @ Sarathi Parivahan :

Parivahan is an Official website from Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways ( MORTH ) Department . It is an Central Government Scheme ( Initiation ) to Computerize over 1300 RTO Offices in entire India . The main Object of the Mission is to provide quality services to the people who are accessing RTO Services . Every day over a crore of People using Driving Licence And Vehicle Registration Certificate through RTO’s  – Road Transport Offices . People are hesitated in waiting at queue lines at RTO Offices . So that they want a fresh method to easier their works , for the purpose only E Parivahan – Sarathi Parivahan established. People can check their Driving Licence Status & RC Status  , RC Details Online through Sarathi Parivahan Website .

Driving Licence Download @ Sarathi Pari vahan

RCDL Status CheckRC DL Status available Here

RC Status & Download – Vehicle Registration Certificate Here

RTO Vehicle InformationVehicle Number Plate Search Available Here

Aadhar Link With Driving Licence online – Driving Lincese Link Aadhar

Vehicle Owner Details & Driving Licence Details With Number Plate

RTA Citizen App – RTO Online Services ” 

LLR slot Booking , Learning License Registration , Downloading Driving Licence , Driving Licence Renewal , Driving Licence Status check , RC status check – Registration Certificate Status , RC Renewal , No Objection Certificate and more services are available in Sarathi Website . People can use easily or people can access all the above services very easily . There are almost 20 plus services offered for all states in India . Here in below we are offering you how to check RC Status – vehicle Registration Certificate Status Online .

How To Check Driving Licence Status Online @ Sarathi Parivahan Website :

  • First open Sarathi Parivahan Website @
  • After opening the website , In the right side of home page you will get an option of ” DL Search ” , Select that one .
  • If you not seen , check for the Driving Licence Search Term in home page , Else open the Direct URL Here . The URL Is @
    • After opening you will have a box like the image shown below
  • Select your state name
  • Enter your Driving Licence Number
  • Enter Your Date Of Birth
  • and finally select Submit option to check your Driving Licence Status .
  • Method 2 Is Open and then select Your state in the below state selection section column , Now it will redirect to your state RTO website .
  • There in your state RTO website , You will see a list of RTO Services offered by your state government . Select the proper one to move and fill the details like above to get Status .

How To Get Driving Licence Download @ Website :

  1. Open Vahan Parivahan Website @
  2. After opening the website , Select ” Driving Licence related Services ” , under Online Services @ Main Menu Section .( In menu Selection , Under Online services , A drop down menu available . Select Driving Licence Related services in the Drop Down menu )
  3. if you want Vehicle Registration Related services like , RC status Check , RC Renewal , NOC certificate , National Permit license and more select Vehicle Related Services .
  4. We want driving Licence na ? So we need to go with Driving Licence related Services . Open the said option by selecting it .
  5. Now a new web page will open , which is , There select your state in the end of the page
  6. Now it will redirect you to your Selected State RTO – Road Transport Operation Services page,  where you will get all RTO Services of your state .
  7. DL Renewal is to Renew your Driving Licence , Renewal fee Payment service
  8. DL Search is , Driving Licence Details checking option
  9. DL Extract is for Download Of Driving Licence
  10. Select Duplicate DL – to Get Duplicate Driving Licence Download .
  11. Select your option and fill details like Driving Licence Number & Date Of Birth , Pay the fee if required to complete the RTO Service .
  12. Once the service is finished you will get an SMS confirmation to your Registered Mobile number .

How TO Check RC Status ( Vehicle Registration Certificate Status ) Through E Parivahan Sewa Website :

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  • In direct method , first open Vahan Parivahan Website RC Status Page @ – Link
  • Copy the URL and open it at your browser , A new page will open now.
  • In the page , you will see a box where you need to enter RC Number ,
  • Enter your Registration Certificate Number
  • Enter your date Of Birth
  • Enter captcha / Security Code in the Box
  • Now select Submit option to check your RC Status .

How To Check Vehicle Registration Certificate Status through Sarathi Parivahan Website :

  1. In in direct method , You need to open E Parivahan Website @ in
  2. Select Online services in Main Menu , under menu section in home page
  3. Under Online services , Select Vehicle Details for RC Status and All vehicle related services
  4. Under online services , Select Driving Licence for Driving Licence related services like Renewal DL , Download  DL , Name Change , Address change like all.
  5. We need to go with Vehicle Details , When you choose vehicle details option , a new web page will open
  6. Select your State in there and proceed option , Next Login with your Mobile Number and Password is OTP .
    1. After a successful login you will have a bunch of options like above image
  7. Select the Proper service to Check Vehicle registration Status – RC Status
  8. Now enter your RC Card Number Or Application Number , in the box where it is mentioned to enter .
  9. Now select check status to View Your Vehicle Registration Status .

How To Check RCDL Status Online – How To Check RC DL Status In Sarathi Parivahan Website @ http://www :

  1. First Open Sarathi Parivahan / Parivahan Sewa website @ 
  2. Check For RCDL Status / RC DL Status RC Status / DL Status  in home page @ Sarathi parivahan website
  3. Open direct link of RC DL Status @ https://pari
  4. After opening the direct link , it will see like above image . Right now on screen you will have an option which is ” Know Your DL Status
  5. Enter your Registration Certificate Number in 1st Box Or enter your Driving Licence Number in the same box to get Registration Certificate Status / Driving Licence Status .
  6. Now enter your date of birth which is printed in Aadhar Card 
  7. Now enter captcha code and click on check status to finish checking RC DL Status Online .

How To Check RC Status Online | RCDL Status Check By Sarathi :

  • First open Sarathi parivahan / Parivahan Sarathi / Vahan parivahan Official website @ 
  • After opening the website , Search for vehicle Related Services under Online services in the menu section .
  • If you want any vehicle Related Services like Registration Certificate , Download RC , Renewal RC , Renewal Of RC , Search Vehicle Details , Vehicle details By Number Plate , Vehicle Registration Details check , RTO Vehicle Information and more can available in vehicle Section . select Vehicle related services under Online services in the main menu for vehicle Related information .
  • If you want Driving license related services like Apply Driving License / Apply New LLR / LLR Slot Booking Online / Duplicate Driving License / Renewal Driving License / DL Status Check and any other DL related services will be available in Driving License Related Services under Online Services in main menu section
  • We need to check Registration certificate Status Online , So we have to chose Vehicle Selection . When we choose the option , it will redirect you to a new page where it asks to select State .
  • Select Your State to get your State RTO Services in the page , For example if i am from Gujarat – Select Gujarat
  • Now it will redirect you to Vahan 4.0 website which is . In the home page you will asked to select state and RTO address.
  • Select Your State – which is your vehicle Registered State . And enter RTO Address which means in which RTO office you belongs to .
  • When you choose the both RTO Address and State , it will take you to your State Road Transport Services Page .where you can get all Vehicle related services .
  • On screen you will have Pay Your Vehicle Tax , Ownership Change , Fitness certificate , Renewal Fitness certificate , Duplicate Fitness Certificate , NOC – No Objection Certificate , Renewal Of Rc , RC renewal , Renewal Of Registration Certificate , RC Download – RC Particulars , Mobile Number Update and more.
  • Search For RC Status Check or Application status in screen , If you not found the select Know Your Application Status under Status in main menu section . it will lead you to the page
  • Enter Application Number and Captcha code to find your Vehicle Registration certificate Status / RC Status Online

How To Renew vehicle Registration Certificate ( RC CERTIFICATE RENEWAL ) :

If you are looking for RC Renewal Online – Registration Certificate Renewal Online go through RC Related Services > Renewal Of Registration certificate 

How To Get Print Of Registration Certificate online – RC Certificate Download  :

 If you want RC Certificate Download – Download RC Book – Download Registration Certificate then go through with Download Document > RC Print For 23 Under main menu section @

How To Check RTO Vehicle Information Online – Vehicle Registration Details or vehicle Details By Number Plate :

If you want to find RTO Vehicle Information or Vehicle Registration Details or Vehicle Details by Number plate then go with My Vehicle Details under Status at menu Section

There are Some other options available in Menu Section in the same page which are 

    • –> Online Services – Apply Permit & Get Online Trade Certificate
    • –> Under Appointment – Book Appointment For Registration , Re Print Appointment Slip , Re-Schedule vehicle Registration Appointment
    • –> Under Download Document – print Fitness certificate /Fitness Certificate Download , Registration Certificate Download / Print RC Certificate Form 23 / RC Certificate Download / RC Card Download .
    • –> Under Status – Know Your Application Status which is Registration Certificate Status or RC Status Online & RCDL Status . , Add pending Documents for Registration , Know your Pending E Challan ( Echallan ) , My Vehicle Details
    • –> Mobile Number Update – If you wanna update your mobile number in Registration Certificate it will be the option to change mobile number in RTO Data base .

How To Check Parivahan Vehicle Details –  Vehicle Registration Details – Vehicle Owner Details – Vehicle Owner Number – vehicle Details By Number Plate – Vehicle Owner Contact Number – vehicle Details By Number – vehicle Details – Vahan Details – Vehicle Ownership Details :


  1. Open Sarathi Parivahan ( Parivahan Sewa ) Website @
  2. Select , Online Services In main menu .
  3. Select Vehicle Related Services under online services @ Main Menu
  4. A new page will open now , Select your state . It will redirect you to a new website
  5. Now you are redirected to a new website which is
  6. Now you are in @ http://Vahan.pari . In the home page select state and RTO Address

  • After selection of State and RTO Address , you will be redirected to new page where you get several options .
  • In Menu section Select Status – Under Status , Select Vehicle Information
  • Now you have 3 options which are Vehicle Registration Number , Engine Number , Chasis Number
  • Enter any one of the information to track RTO vehicle Information Or Vehicle registration Details Or Parivahan Vehicle Details or Vehicle Details Or Vahan Details or Vahan Owner Details Or Vahan Details By Number Plate Or Vehicle Owner Contact Number or Vehicle Details By Number.
  • Hope you get the info what you want . If it helps you share it with your friends too may be it will help them .

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