Pan Card Details Online – Pan Card Details By Name And DOB

Pan Card Details Check – Know Your Pan Card Details By Name & Date Of Birth & Aandhar card Number :

Pan Card Details Checking Online is very simple and easy too . Check Your Pan Details with Name , Date of Birth And Aadhar Number is available here . Follow the detailed step wise procedure to know you pan details . Here in below we are giving Question and Answer type , so that every person can easily understand the way of method . How To Know Your Pan Card Information & How To Check Pan Information ? Generally we can check pan card details in 2 ways , One is by using name and Pan card number and another one is by using date of birth and pan card number . Lets have a glance on both methods .

Check Your Pan Card Status Here 

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Method 1 ; Using PAN number (If You Know Your Pan Card Number ): If you know your PAN number then you can simply check your PAN card details by feeding your PAN Number online. Method 2 : Do not remember your PAN number ?? (If in case you Dont Know  your pan card number ) :

If you do not have PAN card number , or you forget your pan card number , then you have to go for other 2 methods that are “ Know your PAN By Name andKnow your PAN By Date of Birth .  By these two methods you will get your PAN number and then you can check your PAN card details. Checking of PAN card is open for common people as it is uploaded on the server and anyone across the world can access it and get the relevant information from it. Through this way you have access to know the details of the third party and you can judge its genuineness. You can avoid in transactions whose data are not available online.
Know Your Pan By Pan Number And Date Of Birth – Know Your Pan Card
The government has very smartly handled the PAN and other documents. There is a solution to every possible problem that could arise. It is making use of the technology and converting entire things into a digital one. It is not possible always to remember your PAN number. It is little complicated with a combination of alphabets and digits. Hence, if you need your PAN number immediately due to some reason, it is easy to get online. Since, PAN is an important ID these days, especially for bank accounts and various monetary transactions, you must carry it in your wallet. But in case you don’t have it and there is an emergency to fill in your pan number somewhere, here is a simple method to follow

Know Your Pan By date Of Birth – Know your Pan :

  • Go to the e-gov website i.e.
  • A dialogue box appears which asks your DOB and surname
  • Enter the date of birth and surname.
  • Make sure that you copy the captcha code carefully.
  • In the below image you can see the options involved in the NSDL Pan Card web page .
  • There enter your details steps wise and finally submit it , Means Submit the query
  • The next page that comes up is your required document. The PAN details will be displayed.
Follow the above simple steps to know your PAN details through your date of birth. This is possible only because your application form was submitted online. Therefore, you can easily get the information online whenever needed. It is in the database and is thus, possible this way. Think if all this was a paper work. Those manual long time taking procedures were pathetic. But now, we get an added advantage.
Know Your Pan By Name –  Get Pan Card Number By Name :
At some times you might face issues when you are not carrying your PAN Card but you require the PAN number. If in case you don’t remember it, then there is an option which gives very good Result . Income tax department takes concern of all the possible queries that a citizen could face. To know more, you need to go the NSDL website. You will find an icon to know your PAN. Click on that and you will see a box that appears as shown below.
How To Know Your Pan By Name :
In the above image you can see the the total procedure in 3 simple steps . 1. Just enter your surname and date of birth , 2. Enter captcha code correctly , 3. Submit the query . That’s it now you will be redirected to results page. There you can find the pan card details of given info card.
Surname and date of birth are the two mandatory requirements here. Make sure that you enter the Captcha code correctly.  As you click on submit query, another page will open up which displays your PAN details. In case if you do not fill in your first and middle name which are of course not mandatory, then also your query will be submitted. It happens sometimes because in a hurry when we see non-mandatory field, we tend to skip them and move further. But the next page that opens up will ask further details like father’s name, middle name and surname. Then finally, your PAN card details will be known to you.
Know Your Pan By The Below Link :
Simply go with this link – html . Next you are required to enter the asked information. Once the information is fed into the system, you have to press Submit button available there. After submitting the details, system will look for the entered details in its database. Once the system finds the data, it will display you the PAN card details. There you can also know whether PAN card is active or not. Meaning, the status regarding the PAN card of the individual can be known. .

Who Have Access On Your Pan Card

Any person can check the pan details of any other person. Any person including third parties can check Pan details of any person with the PAN I.e. any pan holder.  Any person including the pan  holder himself/herself can also recognize the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer/ Income Tax Authority (ITA).  Jurisdictional Assessing Officer may be following authorities:-
1. Income Tax Officer (ITO)
2. Assistant Commissioner Of Income Tax (ACIT)
3. Deputy Commissioner Of Income Tax (DCIT)
4. Joint Commissioner Of Income Tax (JCIT)
5. Additional Commissioner of Income Tax (Addl. CIT)
6. Commissioner of Income Tax (CIT).
Checking of details are made through PAN numbers of the desired person. Checking of details are also possible through entering the relevant person’s name. However these are not only the two ways. There is another third way through which we can identify the PAN details about the relevant person. This is through its Date of Birth. All these methods are described below in a detailed manner for your reference. Please follow the steps as mentioned in the next section.

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