Ola Electric Scooter Price In India – Registration & Booking Online

Ola Electric Scooter Price – Ebike Registration & Booking Status Online – OLA E Bike / OLA Scooter Delivery Status :

OLA Electric Scooter Booking Status or Ola Scooter Delivery Status checking is now very simple . You can check your Ola booking Status & Delivery status online with few steps . We all know OLA is a popular company which offers OLA CABS for public . Ola offering cab services from last 4 years in India . From past 8 years Ola – The Cab Booking Service offering valuable & efficient Services in world wide. crores of people are full satisfied with Ola Cab services and they continue their rides till now.

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OLA has entered into Electric vehicles section on 2020 year . In order of Electric vehicles Trend at worldwide , ola too entered into electric vehicles segment to beat the competition and also to save the word from pollution by using green energy in Scooter & cab Services . According to the policy made by OLA group , finally Ola introduced electric Ola cabs in some areas for testing purpose . At the same time company has decided to launch Electric Scooter from its Brand to beat the electric vehicle segment .

What are the Models Available In OLA Electric Scooter :

There are two models available currently from Ola E Bike Segment , which are S1 & S1 Pro . The both e bikes are available for pre booking at Ola Website @ http://www.olaelectric.com . People can place order by paying just 499 rupee at down payment . There are no extra charges for boking and the paid 499 will be debited from Bike price . When we come to Specifications the both vehicles are covering Normal Mode & Sports Mode . S1 pro specially offering hyper Mode which is racing mode with efficient speed . Normal mode means economy mode and the sports mode refers a speed range between 30 to 90 kmph. The both vehicles are available in 10 plus colors and the peak motor value for both vehicles are 8.5 Kilo Watt per hour .

The Model S1 offering 90 Km at top speed , in the other hand S1 Pro offering 115 Km per hour as top speed. When we come to Mileage , both scoters are having Lithium Ion Battery Packs which offers a high storage and long mileage . So that we receive 121 Km as Mileage in s1 Model & 180 Km as Mileage in S1 Pro Model . Mileage depends on Speed and Modes . When we drive in hyper mode the mileage will decrease .

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OLA Electric Scooter Price Details In Different States :

When we come to Ola Scooter ( Ola Ebike ) Price , the price range starts from 79,999/- INR . When we see Ex Show Room prices , the rates are different from one state to another state . The variences depends on availability of Spare parts and Transportation Cost  & Local Tax Rules .  As we all know after GST Implementation , Local state taxes are different from one state to another state . We can see the variance in Petrol Prices .

Ola S1 Price Details:

Ola S1 Delhi Show Room Price  or Ola S1 model Ex Show room Price in Delhi is set as 85,099/- INR , Ola S1 Gujarat Show Room Price is 79999 Rupees , Ola s1 Maharashtra Show Room Price is 94,999 Indian Rupees , Rajasthan  Showroom Price is 89968/- rupees and all other state S1 price is set as 99999/- Rupees .

Ola S1 Pro Price Details :

When we come to S1 Pro model , Ola S1 Pro Delhi Show Room Price ( Ex Show Room price ) is 1,10,149/- Rupees  , Ola s1 Pro Gujarat Show Room Price is 1,09,999/- INR , Ola s1 Pro Maharashtra Show Room Price is 1,24,999 /- Rupees, Ola s1 Pro Rajasthan Show Room Price is 1,19,138/- INR and 129999/- Indian Rupees for remaining all other states .

How To Book Ola Electric Scoter Online @ www.Olaelectric.com :

To Book Ola Electric Scooter Online or to Purchase Ola Electric Scooter online , all we need to do is to register our details in online and need to pay a 499 rupee for reservation . In two methods we can register our details , which are registering through ola Electric website @ www.Olaelectric.com and anotehr method is booking through Ola Electric application by downloading it in Google Play store .

Step Wise Procedure To Book Ola Electric Scooter Online :

  1. First Open Ola Electric Official website @ http://www.olaelectric.com .
  2. In the home page you will see ” Reserve For 499 ” option . Click on the link to open booking page .
  3. When we click on the link it will take us to an another page where we need to select Bike Model and Color details .
  4. In the page you will see both Models which are ola S1 & Ola s1 Pro . First Select Bike Model so that you can choose available colors .
  5. When you choose Bike Model , in the above of the model you will see available bike colors . Select the one you want to book .
  6. Click On Reserving For North To Enter Your area Pin code .
  7. When you enter pin code it will automatically selects your state details and it will show price automatically .
  8. Click on Reserve For 499 to proceed To Registering Your Personal Details
  9. Now Enter your mobile Number For Registration through mobile Number . When you submit your mobile number then you will receive an One Time Password to your Mobile .
  10. Verify the OTP and enter your personal details like Name , Address , Delivery Date , Billing Details and more .
  11. Finally pay 499 rupees for reservation of your vehicle to confirm

Ola Electric Scooter Booking Status check Online :

If some one wants to check their Ola Electric Scooter Booking Status or delivery status , they want to contact the ola electric customer care personally . Why because Ola is not assured any specific date to their customers . They said only in October Month they will start delivering . So customers are recommended to wait until they deliver the product . When they wanna deliver the product they will contact you to the registered mobile number and registered address . I m sure that they will inform you through registered mobile about Status of Your Order and Delivery Date and more .

OLA Electric Scooter Dealership Details :

There is a huge opportunity in Ola Electric Business segment . So that Several people are looking for dealership with Ola Electric Scooters Business . but please note that ola has not intimated that they are offering dealership . In upcoming days after releasing products they will plan dealerships . Currently OLA doesnt have any authorized dealerships . So kindly dont trust if some one said they are authorized dealers and bla bla bla .

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