MP Bhulekh – Get Khasra Naksha Khatauni Land Record In MP

MP Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni – Check Land Record In MP @ MP Bhu Abhilekh :

MP Bhulekh is an Online Portal from Madhya Pradesh State Government . The Portal Bhulekh is also called Mp Bhu Abhilekh is from the Revenue Department of Madhya Pradesh State government . MP Bhuabhilekh is offering Land record In Mp & Khasra , Naksha , Khatauni and more services . On who want to check their Madhya Pradesh Land Records are advised to visit MPBhulekh Naksha 2022 Portal @ .

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We all know there are different third party online sites which help you to find, verify and track land records. Especially in the case of MP Land Records searching Online , the most popular one among them is, where you can find information related to land, property, building or any other data that is relevant to the state of Madhya Pradesh. The site also provides information about the different kinds of government bodies involved in the process of registration and verification of documents required for land or property buying process in Madhya Pradesh.

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Land is a valuable asset, and records of land ownership are often used in land disputes. The public in Madhya Pradesh can check the status of their land records online through a Mp Bhu Abhilekh / Mp Bhuabhilekh Page . The people of Madhya Pradesh use to check their land Records online using Mp Bhulekh Wesbite & Bhulekh mobile app. The application provides a list of properties and their status in the form of a user-friendly dashboard, with all the information readily available to an end user. The project was implemented by MpBhulekh using the MPBhulekh’s e-governance solution.

This website is very helpful for anyone who wants to buy a property in MP and needs help with finding their dream of buying Agriculture land by checking valid documents like Mp Bhulekh Naksha Khasra Khatauni ROR 1B , Pahani , Village Map , Patta Passbook like all others . By using MP bhu Abhilekh we will get MP Bhulekh Naksha 2022 PDF file easily . Are you one who checking for mp bhulekh online khasra khatauni ? Here is the detailed step wise procedure to follow .

How To Check Land Record In MP | How To Get MP Bhulekh Naksha Khasra Khatauni :

    1. First open Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh Portal @ Or Open Land Record Mp Website @ .
    2. After opening the portal , Select Naksha For Naksha 2022 . Select Khatauni for Land Khata Copy . Select Khasra for Khasara copy of Madhya Pradesh .
    3. When you choose Naksha it will rediret to new page where you need to select Jilla , Thasil , Village details.
    4. After proper District and Village selection we need to choose the option: measles / map, or Khatauni, or field report, or type of land, or land records, or crop details, or list of official measles numbers, or list of account holders.
    5. Kindly enter the proper details and then submit it to get your Nakhsa 2022 PDF copy .
    6. If you are looking for Khasra , The same process will be applicable but need to change some options except of that everything is common for all .

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