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Maharashtra Court Case Status Check Online @

Maharashtra Court Case Status checking online procedure is very simple now . With Ecourts website now we can check all Mumbai Court Case details , Maharashtra Court Case details .There are different ways available to check our Court Case details . Here we are going to discuss the popular methods of Court Case checking , So that one can easily check his /her case details online with out any hesitation . By the below given methods we can check all our court case information from anywhere with e-Court Website .

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We all well know several people are facing lot of problems for having cases in some other states or districts . Some people intentionally file cases against others in different states to make difficulty to his opponent . So that the can revenge on him by looting his money . It is not such easy to attend every time for the hearing and to attend for the case if the court is too long from his location . Some times even its not easy to go for the court to know about case proceedings and status of the case .

For all the problems there is one solution which is checking the case details regularly with E-courts Website with out going anywhere . With the help of Ecourts system we can easily track all our court case details and status by just single click . All you have to do is just open ECourts Website @ and then choose court case status By Case Number  FIR Number , Party Name , Advocate Name , Filing Number . 

What Is Ecourts ? How It Will Help In Court Case Related Information :

Ecourts is an official website from Central Government Of India , to deal all Court related information . At the services page in Ecourts website we can check CNR Number , Case Details , Case Status , Court Orders , Cause List , Caveat Search , Court Location and more . This services will help to all to check their case status , to know about previous judgements , to Know Court Order details and different kind of things . The official website of Ecourts is @ 

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What Are The Different Popular Methods To Check Court Case Details & Court Case Status Online :

There are different methods to check your court case . Here is the popular methods given below which are

  • Checking Through All India ECourts Portal @
  • Checking Through Ecourts App
  • Checking Through SMS
  • Checking Through Maharashtra State Judicial Website @
  • Checking Through Confo Net @

The Maharashtra court case status section provides all the information that you would need to know about the cases that are pending in the courts of Maharashtra. This includes lists of cases, lists of judgments, lists of orders and other information related to court cases in the state. The Maharashtra Court Case Status section is an important resource for anyone who wants to stay updated on proceedings at the Maharashtra state level.

Check Maharashtra Court Case Status Through @ :

  1. First Open Ecourts Portal @
  2. The direct URL for Court case Details Checking in maharashtra is @
  3. Select your court in Supreme Court / High Courts / District Courts in the Main menu section
  4. If your case is in Maharashtra High Court select high Courts in menu and then select Maharashtra as selection.
  5. If your case is in District level , Select District in Menu Section and then select your state ,Click on district or Select District and then choose court details .
  6. Now it will redirect you to the district / state page . Where in Services menu select Case Status by File Number / Case Number / FIR Number / Party Name / Advocate Name / Act / Case Type
  7. With all modes you can search your case . By clicking on any link you can directly open case status page . where you need to enter your case information to track details .

Check Your Court Case Details With :

  1. Open the direct Ecourts Services Page link @
  2. Select Case Status in Menu
  3. Select Your State from drop down menu
  4. select your district
  5. Select Court Complex Number
  6. Enter petitioner number
  7. Enter Registration Year
  8. Select Pending or Disposed or Both from the given list
  9. Enter captcha code
  10. Click on Go Button to start searching details .

Checking Through Ecourts App :

The App is one of the best ways to check Court Cases. You can find the status of your case by its name, court number, date of birth, date of filing or date of judgment. The app is available in English and Hindi language. Its available in both Android and IOS devices. You can use this app to search for your case in the list filed in any court station across Maharashtra. Once you find your case in the list, you can click on it to get all information related to that case like court station, petition type, case type etc. Download app from Google Play Store

Checking Through SMS – Mobile Phone :

You can also check the court case status by just Sending an SMS . Follow the procedure to know your case status . Know current status of your case by Return SMS SMS ECOURTS<space><your CNR Number> To 9766899899 .

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