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Mahabhulekh 7/12 or Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh is a Maharashtra Land Record Checking website which offers 7/12 Extract and 8A Extract to maharashtra state people . Maha Bhulekh Which is well known as Satbara ( Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh ) is a Land Records Checking website From Maharashtra State Government . The website portal is operated by Revenue Department of Maharashtra State Government . With the help of Satbara Land Records Portal , anyone can made Maha Land Record Search / Plot Search with single click. The Portal is offering land records in 6 areas which covers whole maharashtra state.

” Madhya Pradesh Land Records “

What Is Maha Bhulekh :

Maharashtra Land Records are available online on Mahabhulekh Portal. Mahabhulekh is the portal for all land records in Maharashtra. It is maintained by the Revenue Department of Maharashtra Government. The portal includes details of land records, tax assessment records, election data, etc., collected from various sources. It also provides information related to agriculture and allied activities in Maharashtra. Information about water resources, mines and minerals can also be found on this site.

Why Land Records are Important  ?

There are many people who are not aware of the importance of land records. But they are very important for all the property owners. A person should know about all the details of his or her property. They may be facing any kind of legal issues in the future if they don’t have knowledge about their land records. There can be any kind of legal disputes between co-owners, banks, buyers and sellers due to lack of knowledge about property records. This is why it is very important for everyone to know about their property record.

How To Check Mahabhulekh 7/12 Extract & 8A Extract Records : 

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Welcome to Mahabhulekh – Maharashtra Satbara Bhumi Abhilekh Check your ७/१२ Utara, 8A, Ferfar, Bhu Naksha, and Maharashtra Land Records Details. .One who wanna check Maharashtra Land Records Online , has to select one of the area from Amaravathi ( अमरावती ) , Aurangabad ( औरंगाबाद ) , Nagpur ( नागपूर ) , Konkan () , Nasik ( नाशिक ) , Pune ( पुणे ) . After selecting the proper area , one to choose sub area under the main area. The sub areas covering under main areas list is given below . Follow the step wise procedure to check Your Mahabhulekh 7/12 ( 712 )  Satbara / Bhumi Abhilekh / Bhulekh Records .The website of Maha Bhulekh provides a user with a great platform for checking information related to land records online at any time without going anywhere else outside home or office.

  • AMaravathi Covers अकोला, अमरावती, बुलडाणा, यवतमाळ, वाशिम
  • Aurangabad Covers उस्मानाबाद, औरंगाबाद, जालना, नांदेड, परभणी, बीड, लातूर, हिंगोली
  • Konkan Covers (ठाणे, पालघर, मंबई उपनगर, रत्नागिरी, रायगड, सिंधुदुर्ग)
  • Nagpur Covers (गडचिरोली, गोंदिया, चंद्रपूर, नागपूर, भंडारा, वर्धा)
  • Nasik Covers (अहमदनगर, जळगाव, धुळे, नंदुरबार, नाशिक)
  • Pune Covers (कोल्हापूर, पुणे, सांगली, सातारा, सोलापूर)

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Step Wise Guide To Check  Mahabhulekh 0r

  1. First open Mahabhumi Website / Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh or maharashtrabhulekh official website @
  2. You can also get the same information from Satbara Website @ 
  3. After opening the Bhumiabhilekh portal , Select Vibhag Nivas from the drop down menu .
  4. Vibhag Nivas refers as area . The total Maharashtra has categorized into 6 Parts which are Amaravathi  , Aurangabad , Nasik , Konkan , Pune , Nagpur.
  5. Select your area . Foe example if you are from Nagpur , select Nagpur from the dropdown menu
  6. Now it will redirect your to Nagpur division Page . Now select what document Extract you want . Select 7-12 or 8A extract from the selection.
  7. After that select other options like District Name , Taluk Name , Village Name , Survey Number and more
    1. Select District from Dropdown menu
    2. Select Taluk From Drop Down Menu
    3. Select Village From Drop Down Menu
  8. Now Search term select Survey number if you know your land survey number details , else select Full Village as selection to get all details .
  9. After selecting संपूर्ण नाव – Full Village , In the drop down menu you will have a number . Select the nearest number of your survey number .  For example if your land is at middle of 1 to 100 number select the same .
  10. After selecting the range , it will show you all pattadhar details between the survey numbers . Select your one from the dropdown menu .
  11. Enter your Mobile number and the click on Extract Document .
  12. In Next page enter captcha code to view 7-12 Extract or 8A Extract document .

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