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Know Your Volunteer – Know Your Volunter | Check Your Grama Ward Volunteer Details Online :

Know Your Volunteer / Know Your Volunter is an Online program to find out who is your area Grama Volunteer or Ward Volunteer . If you are looking to check your Graa Volunteer details online ? or If you are searching for your Ward Volunteer details online ? then Know Your Volunter Details link will help you in finding the right volunteer details belongs to your area. Here in this article we are explained step by step of searching our area volunteer details .

Who Is Volunteer : Volunteer is a bridge between people and government . The duty of volunteer is to collect data of people – allotted to him by government authorities and then make sure to deliver all government schemes to the eligible families to his allotted area people . Not only delivering government schemes but also helping to people who is really needy , helping all government officials if needy , doing online surveys for proper governance , delivering ration to people  are responsibilities of Grama Volunteer and Ward Volunteer .

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Andhra Pradesh state new Chief Minister Mr . Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy Garu introduced new system which is Grama Sachivalayam , Ward Sachivalayam concept . According to the dreams of CM Jagan Mohan Reddy , there will be a 12 staff in every sachivalayam , it is been effective from August 15th of 2019 . According to the chief minister orders for every 50 to 100 houses there will be a volunteer . The 10 sachivalayam staff are work under Panchayat Secretary in village area , in Ward 10 sachivalayam staff work under Commissioner under Urban Areas which as municipalities or corporations .

How The Application Works : When a volunteer collects all 50 to 100 houses information , he have to online very data which means all 50 to 100 houses family members aadhar data need to be online . If he did it correctly your aadhar number will be mapped under volunteer details . So that when you search with your Aadhar card number , system will search aadhar number in the AP servers data base . If found your number it will automatically check in which volunteer the data is saved . So that it can show you the perfect volunteer information.

Know Your Volunteer By Name , By Phone Number , By Ward Number , By Address :

  • To search your volunteer you must open GRAMA WARD SACHIVALAYAM  website @ /  Or
  • After opening gramawardsachivalayam website , search for Volunteer Info or Know Your Volunter option in the home page section
  • The direct URL to check Volunteer Info is @!/knowYourVolunteer
  • Kindly go through the direct Link so that you can easily access your volunter information along with his phone number
  • Enter Your aadhar number and then enter captcha code to get full details of your volunteer .
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