Jiomart Affiliate Program – How To Join Jiomart Affiliate Program

Jiomart Affiliate Program / Jiomart Partnership Program – How To Join Jiomart Affiliate Program :

Jiomart Affiliate Program Or Jiomart Partnership Program is a Referral programming , that allows website owners and bloggers to earn money by placing referral links and referring image adds at their website . So that they will be paid for sales done through the placed links and images . We all know what is Affiliate marketing . Now a days affiliate marketing is a major part to earn money and it is also place a major role to increase sales by giving small contribution in sales .

Generally Webinars and bloggers website owners join this program and place link ads , Text ads , Iage ads of the products in their website . When a sale happen through the mentioned link add or image add or any kind of add placed in their website , then they will get some reward for the sale .

Jio Associates allows Affiliate marketing for free of cost , Jio Mart Associates is an Affiliate Marketing program which allows bloggers and website builders ( Web Owners ) to create links in their website and earn referral fees for the sales happen from the links .when a customer purchased a product from the said links or adds the website owner will get 10% of commission in the product price . This is very good tactic to earn money very easily .

Now a days several people doing Flipkart Affiliate Marketing ( flipkart online shopping ) & Amazon Affiliate Marketing ( amazon shopping online ) and Myntra affiliate Marketing ( myntra shopping ) to earn money . Like the same way now people doing Jiomart Affiliate Program to earn Money .

How To Apply Or How To Join Jio mart Affiliate Program :

  1. Every one can join in the affiliate program by just visiting jio website
  2. There in the left side of logo you can see menu option .
  3. Select the menu option and search for ” Affiliate Program
  4. Present the link is removed due to carona / Covid Impact . In soon jio will place the link.
  5. Once they placed the affiliate program link in the home page just ho through the link and fill your details .
  6. They will send you a mail . Wait for the mail from the Jio Authorities
  7. If you wish to apply from cuelinks website visit cuelinks @
  8. If you want more details like What are the Commission Rates , How to Withdraw money , benefits , rules and regulations read more at jioguide website @
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