Jeevan Pramaan Patra – Life Certificate For Pensioners

Jeevan Pramaan Patra – Life Certificate For Pensioners | Life Certificate Download Online :

Jeevan Pramaan Patra is a Pensioner Life Certificate issued by Government of India ,which helps  pensioners to get their pension amount monthly with out any declines . Life Certificate is a Identity Proof which declares the person is live and he is not dead . Pensioners are able to get their own Jeevan Pramaan Life Certificate Download using their Biometric in online . By using Biometric enabled online service any Central Government or state government or any Government body employees can get their Life certificate .With the help of Life Certificate only pension will be renewed .

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Every year pensioner has to submit their life certificate to the Drawing Officer to get their pension renewal properly , else pension will be stopped until we submit the life certification . To get Life certificate , the individual pensioner has to attend before Pension Disbursing Agency or they can also get the same by attending before where they ( serve ) work before . Once you got the Life certificate , The Life Certificate has to submit to Authorized Pension disbursing agencies like banks or post offices to get your regular pension normally .

What Is Digital Life Certificate – Digital Jeevan Praman Patra :

It is very difficult and very hard to present before the agency , when the pensioner getting old .  In early ages that is ok but when employee is in older age particularly when the employee is in Infirm stage it is highly impossible to attend every time . In some cases pensioners want to move different locations for their convenience due to health issued or family issues . At that time also its difficult to submit Life Certificate in time at Offices.  To avoid this kind of errors Government of India issued Online Based Life Certificate which is also called  ” Digital Life Certificate “ . By using Digital Life Certificate also known as Jeevan Pramaan Patra we need not to go anywhere to submit life declaration to authorized pension disbursing office . All we need to do is having a biometric device on hand to capture our biometric and apply for digital life certificate and then submit the same to authorized drawing officer .

Can You Generate A Life Certificate Online?

Yes we can generate a life certificate online from any where using an internet connection & a Biometric Device . With the help of Aadhar enabled biometric device we can register our biometric in online . with the help of Mantra RD service Online or Morpho RD Service Online , we can submit our biometric attendance to the pension disbursing agency . The said biometric devices or work with aadhar authenticated , all we need is to have the relevant biometric device , pension number , bank account details and an internet connection. After arranging all equipment’s we need to access Jeevan Pramaan Website @ to get Digital Life Certificate .

How To Apply Jeevan Pramaan Patra Online | How can I download My Jeevan Pramaan Certificate Online :

There are few steps involved in Applying Jeevan Pramaan Patra online .Follow the step wise procedure to get your self registered and to download certificate yourself in a hassle free manner .

Step 1 : First we need to visit nearest Jeevan Praman center or Authorized Pension Disbursing office or Authorized Pension agency to get yourself registered with your details .  After visiting nearest Jeevan Praman Center you need to submit your details by providing necessary documents along with information to the Disbursing Officer or Agency Person . Necessary info is like your aadhar Number , Pension Account Number – PPA Number , Pension Payment order , Bank Name , Bank Account Number , registered Mobile number etc ..


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Step 2 : Submit your biometrics by scanning your finger in Bio Metric Device or taking your iris in iris device  . Either fingerprint or iris you can submit your aadhar authentication . When your self submitted the Aadhar Based authentication then you will get an Jeevan Pramaan ID from the agency . Note down the ID in a safe place it will help you in future .

Step 3 : After successful authentication you will a SMS confirmation message to your registered Mobile Number and the same message will be sent to aadhar Registered mobile number . The message includes your Jeevan pramaan ID number . You can download Jeevan Pramaan Certificate or Jeevan Pramaan Patra by submitting the Jeevan Praman Id which is received to your mobile number by accessing Jeevan praman website @

Step 4 : The issued Digital Life Certificate or Jeevan Pramaan Certificate can be store in Digilocker account . So that you can download or access the certificate at any time from any where . The same certificate is shared with your pension Disbursing Officer . So that you dont need to visit or dont need to submit any physical copy of life certificate at any office for pension renewal .

Step 5 : When you receive a SMS message to your registered mobile number , then you are ready to download Life Certificate online . All you have to do is Download Digital Life Certificate PDF file from Jeevan Pramaan Portal by using your Jeevan Praman Id number. Here in below you have a step wise procedure of how to download digital life certificate online have a look on it.

How Do I Download A Life Certificate Online – Step Wise Procedure To Download Jeevan Pramaan Patra Online :

  • First Open Jeevan Pramaan Official website @ 
  • After opening the Digital Life Certificate website , You need to Click on Get A certificate
  • After selection of get a certificate in Menu Section , it will take you to the page . Where you have 3 options which is PC / Mobile / Offices .

How To get Life certificate by Using PC option : By using PC option , we can download the relevant software application to our computer. By Using the Software application developer by Jeevan Pramaan Website we can access our digital life certificate .

  1. Fist Click on PC Option @ jeevan Praman Website
  2. ( –> get a certificate –> Click On Pc Option )
  3. Enter your email id and captcha code . This option will help you to send your digital life certificate download link to your email
  4. Now you will receive a OTP – One time password to your submitted mail id .
  5. Enter OTP in the box and submit to to download relevant software application.
  6. Now download the software & install it in your computer . Give all permissions to take biometric access .
  7. Now by giving your finger print access or Iris access your digital certificate will be processed

How To Get Life certificate By using Mobile Option : By using Mobile Option , We can able to download an android application which works in android mobile phones . Make sure that you have an android 4.0 or above version mobile in hand to utilize this service . The process involves the same process but you to do it with your mobile so that you will be downloaded android application istead of windows software application . After downloading apk file you need to install it and allow all permissions to capture biometric . You need to connect Mantra Rd Service to your mobile through OTG cable before giving permissions

How To Get Life Certificate By Using Offices option :

By Offices , In this method yourself need to visit nearest Pension disbursing Office like bank or post office or authorized agency like CSC center or any pension Portal authorization approved centers .

How To Find / Locate Jeevan Pramaan Near Me Office :

  • First you need to open Jeevan Pramaan Website @
  • After opening the portal select Location Based or Pincode Based
  • When you select Location , you need to choose Location Type , State and District
  • If you choose Citizen Service Center – You will be redirected to CSC Cloud Website ( . After that you need to select State , District , Sub District , village and need to enter captcha code to search . After successful search you will find nearest CSC Center / Citizen Service Center location address with phone number .
  • If you select Government Office you need to select state and district to find nearest office address
  • If you choose Pin Code , you need to enter your area pin code to get results nearest to your area

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