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IGRS – Check Encumbrance Certificate Online ( EC Search Online ) | IGRS AP – IGRS Andhra Pradesh – IGRS Nellore :

IGRS Andhra Pradesh is a Registration and Stamps Department , where we can get Actual Land Value , Land Valuation Details , Do registrations of our lands and where we can Offer Ownership of our land to some one who purchased our land . We can also access any Agriculture land , Commercial Land , House Plots land ownership details at one place . With the help of Encumbrance Certificate  we can easily find out Land Information which helps a lot in buying a good land .

What Is Encumbrance Certificate And How It Will Help : 

An Encumbrance Certificate is a paper which tells about the Actual owner of land and it is also an authoritative record copy offered by IGRS – Government Registration Department , which guaranties buyer that the land is not involved in any money related issues , Legitimate Liabilities .  Land EC is the only one proof that a property can be sold with an unmistakable title  ( With 100 Percent Perfectness ) . The Registration Department is the only one who offers Encumbrance Certificate in the entire Andhra Pradesh state . In buying a land , Mortgage a Land and in other several aspects , All institutions consider Encumbrance Certificate for legal reference as ownership . The Certificate offered by IGRS Andhra Pradesh playing very important role in Registration related matters .

How To Search Encumbrance Certificate Online :

Generally there are 2 way to get Encumbrance Certificate copy . Which are

  • Through IGRS Website
  • Through Meeseva / Through AP Online
Encumbrance Certificate Search @ IGRS Website :
Encumbrance Search Online is a very easy task . All you need to do is Document Number , Documnet Registration Year , SRO – Sub Registrar Office details ,Some small information like what is beside to your land . Here i am giving a step wise procedure to get EC Online ,
  1. Open http://registration.ap.gov.in/ IGRS official Website, select Encumbrance Certificate in Services menu
  2. If you not found that , Choose this link to directly open EC page . The direct link is http://registration.ap.gov.in/Ecerrormsg.jsp
  3. After opening the page , you will be asked to choose the ‘Search Criteria’ .There fill all details like Document number , Your Name , Your Mobile Number .
  4. Take proceed option to the next level , In the next page it will ask the year of Registration .
  5. Enter the ‘Year of Registration’ and Captcha Code , then select ‘Submit’ button.
  6. That’s it you are ready to view Encumbrance Certificate on screen
  7. Please note that it is verification purpose only . Search Results are shown in the screen is not authorized . For authorized document you need to take Certified Copy popularly known as CC Copy .

How To Get Encumbrance Certificate CC Copy : 

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Encumbrance Search CC Copy is also like the same way which applied in Encumbrance Search . But we need to choose Online CC option under service menu . Then all process is almost equal to Encumbrance Certificate Search .
Encumbrance Certificate Through Meeseva Or AP Online : To get EC details in meeseva , You need to have land Registered Document Number , Registered Document Year , SRO . These 3 details can found in 1st page back side of land documents . You also need to enter some other details like Right side , left side , north side , east side your land information and extension of your land . the two details will be available in last 2 pages at registered document .  After getting the  whole details visit nearest meeseva and ask them for Encumbrance Certificate application paper. Fill the form with your details and the said above details , Submit the form along with Land Document . They will charge a minimum of 150 to 250 for a minimum of 3 yr document . You can also choose for how many years you need that EC certificate . After a successful application process you will get the certificate by hand within 24 hrs .

About IGRS ( Registrations And Stamps Department ) :

IGRS AP ( Andhra Pradesh ) is an Old department operated by Andhra Pradesh Government . The Registration And Stamps Department is established in 1864 . The main aim of this department is to offer Land Details , Land Registration Details , Encumbrance Certificate – EC Online . IGRS is working Under 10 Major Acts which are

1. Registration Act,1908

2. Indian Stamp Act,1899 3. A.P. Societies Registration Act,2001.

4. Indian Partnership Act,1932
5. Hindu Marriages Act,1955
6. Special Marriages Act,1954
7. The Indian Christian Marriages Act,1954
8. The Chit Funds Act,1982
9. The A.P. Non Trading Companies Act,1962
10. The Notaries Act,1952

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