HRMS Odisha Login – How To Get HRMS ID And Password

HRMS Odisha  Login ( EHRMS Orissa ) – Download Odisha Employee Pay Slip | Know How To Get HRMS ID And Password :

HRMS Odisha Login ( E HRMS Orissa ) is an online web portal by Odisha Government to check Employees Details online . Through EHRMS Odisha Portal Login we can easily Download HRMS Odisha Pay Slip / Odisha Employee Salary Slip . We all know how important role is done by salary slip / Pay slip proof in Loan taking or some other financial transactions. Generally most of the government employees search for their Employee Pay Details & Employee Salary Particulars . In order to download their pay slip they use DDO Request or Treasury Website links . In the same wy Odisha employees use e-HRMS Odisha to Download their HRMS Odisha Payslip .

Government Of Odisha has given pay slip download option in HRMS Orissa website . State government employees can track their pay slip / salary slip from HRMS portal . Not only Pay slip but also raise their complaints through HRMS portal . As we already discussed what is HRMS and How it functions , what are the advantages of EHRMS and more , you can read all by following our Previous Article .  Several people asking that they need a detailed explanation on ” How To Login HRMS Id and Password ” Let me explain clearly . In below i will give you a step by step method . If you are also searching related EHRMS or Searching for Payslip ?  kindly follow the below steps .

How To Download HRMS Odisha PaySlip 2021 (Odisha Employee Pay Slip / Salary Slip / Payment Details Online ) :

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  1. HRMS Odisha Payslip 2021 – 2022 download is now available here . ust follow the step by step guide . First open HRMS Portal @ Or
  2. After opening , in the navigation menu select HRMS Login / Personal Login .
  3. Now it will take you to the new HRMS Odisha Login Page , Enter your Registered Employee ID and Password to log in to the portal .
  4. After successful login into , you will have several options in whole page , Select My Reports in right side corner of the page .
  5. In the My Reports section you have PAY SLIP option . Select the pay slip menu and choose month and year to open your statement .
  6. Use Pay Slip Download to get your employee payslip .

How To Recover Your HRMS Password ? 

  • If you forget password use Forget Password – Recovery Password option to get back your password / set a new password
  • When you choose Forget Password , a pop up box will open . enter your Date of birth and registered mobile number to send a recovery password link to your email and registered mobile number .
  • After receiving the mail /msg , open the link to set a new password . You will set a new one instead of old password .
  • After resetting the password use your account now to get online services like Leave application , Raising Complaints , Pay Slip downloading and more.

How To GET HRMS ID and Password | Know How To Register For HRMS Account :

How To Get HRMS ID and Password is a big question by several people in several states . But the simple answer is HRMS is a Human Resource Management Service Account organized by employers . In every firm HRMS popularly known as HR – Human Resource department will be exist . But employees dont need HRMS login in normal companies . Especially in government sectors like state and central government jobs , HRMS account play a role in applying a leave and downloading Pay slip , Choosing options in general Transfers . So that only government employees have HRMS login details . Only State and Central government employees are eligible to register HRMS .

In the time of job allotment , Govt automatically allots a Employe ID number . We can not set or create any employe id our self . Only govt has certain links to create HRMS ID and Password . So other people dnt check for How To Get HRMS Id and Password . If govt employees are checking for this , you guys no need to check just consult your department head for your Employee id and Password for HRMS Odisha Account details .

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