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HP Pensioners Life Certificate Form Download – Himkosh Pensioners Website :

HP Pensioners Life Certificate Form – Himac:hal Pradesh Pensioners Life Certificate Application Form Download is now available here . All retired government employees from Himachal Pradesh state can check their PPO details and also submit their Life certificate now with Himkosh website . If you are from HP state and looking to submit your Life Certificate in Himkosh website ? Or if you are a retired govt employee from HP & searching for Life Certificate application form to notify your existence to government ? here is a detailed explanation of How To Download Life Certificate , How To Submit Life Certificate .

What Is Life Certificate & Where It Is Used : 

Life Certificate is a certified copy by government officials . When a person submit his self declaration of his live status with relevant proofs like aadhar or any Identification proof to department officials , they will thoroughly check all details and issue clearance of life certificate . Means by checking his existence authorities will issue a certification that he is live and ok . Generally the life certificate is issued by Revenue Department officials . For Every 6 months all PPO’s – Retired Government Employees need to submit their Life certificate to claim their existence for getting their Pension benefits . If some one failed to submit his Life certification will not receive his benefits . In some special cases behalf of PPO their family members or politicians can apply for Life certificate .

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How To Download HP Pensioners Life Certificate @ Himkosh Website  :

  • First open Himkosh Website @ http://himkosh.nic.in
  • After opening Himkosh Website , in the Citizen services select Epension (e Pension ) Option
  • Now it will take you to the new page where you have 2 links which are Epension Login Link and Pensioners Life certificate Download link.
  • Select the 2nd one , Which looks like the below shown image .

  • After choosing Download pensioners Life Certificate Form PDF Format link , You will redirected to a new web page .
  • In the new page , Search For ” Life Certificate ( PDF Format ) ” . Select the link to download the Life certificate application form .

Note : PPO’s who have submitted their 2020 – 2021 year Life certificate are treated as eligible for 2022 . No need to submit their 2021 – 2022 certificate until the further guidelines released . This instructions are released by Himkosh Officials

How To Submit Online Life Certificate Application For Different Pensions :

  1. To Submit Life Certificate , we need to login into Epension Portal @ Himkosh.nic.in
  2. The Official URL of Epension – PPO Login is ” https://himkosh.hp.nic.in/epension/index.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fePension%2fdefault.aspx ” – Link
  3. After opening E Pension Login – PPO Login , log in the account with your User name and Password
  4. Initially the user name and password are Employee ID and Phone number Or PPO ID and phone number .
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