House Loan Interest – How To Get Back Return

House Loan Interest ( Home Loan Interest ) – How To Get Return Paid :

House Loan Interest ( Home Loan ) How to repay the interest on a Ghar Loan | Home loan / House loan ?? What most people do not know is that we usually pay the mortgage, EMI including interest, but very little people is known about how we can get the same amount of money back for the interest we owe. Today we will learn in detail how to get the interest paid on a home loan or house loan when our home loan is over.
Going into details, a man named Satish got a house loan of Rs 20 lakh from HDFC Bank for the construction of his house. The bank had fixed 6.80% interest for him for this purpose for which Satish kept for a period of 20 years. His month EMI is 16150. That is 16150 * 12 months = 1,93,800. So 20 * 193800 = 38,76,000 for the 20 years he decides. This means that if Satish gets a loan of Rs 20 lakh from HDFC Bank for a house for a period of 20 years, he will eventually have to pay Rs 38 lakh 76 thousand rupees, which is Rs 18 lakh 76 lakh as interest on the Rs 20 lakh he has taken.
By the time his house loan is completed, he will have to pay an estimated Rs 18 lakh more than what he has taken. At the same time, if the interest rate changes in the future, you may have to pay even more interest. This can be very burdensome for a middle class person. Like everything else, an interest waiver is not a home loan, so you have to pay it off.
We would be very impatient if we knew a calculation that the interest we have to pay is the amount of the house. Experts have found another cool way to overcome this. If we can use that way we can get up to 90% of the interest on the home loan by the day the loan is completed. All we have to do is invest 0.01% of the All loan in the SIP as shown below.
If you want a home loan of Rs 20 lakh t you have to invest 0.01%, ie Rs 2,000 per month as SIP ,For 12 months it would be 24000 rupees like12 * 2000 rupees = 24000 rupees will be spent in addition to one year. Thus 24,000 rupees should be invested in sip regularly every month. In the same way, you have to put Rs. 2000 in SIP every month till the house loan is over. If we do so, we will pay 20 * 24000 = 4,80,000 for 20 years i.e. 4 lakh 80 thousand .
For the invested money in SIP , Even if we got 15% income on the invested , we will get a minimum of 22 lakh around . With this calculation, we can easily get the 14,76,000 interest that we have paid on the house loan by investing it in a systematic manner.
Here in below there is an explanation how satish done all the stuff in details .
House loan taken by Satish = 20,00,000
Total Amount paid to bank for 20 years (home loan 24 + interest 18. 76) = 38. 76 lakhs
20 years interest on home loan (money taken for the house – amount for 20 years) = 18,76,000
By building 2000 per month in SIP for a total of 20 yr (20000 * 24000) = 4,80,000
If we got 15% interest on the total 20 yr Invested Money in SIP = 22,00,000
Apart from our money put in SIP, we got extra = up to 4 lakhs In this case, we have already invested 4.80 lakhs that we have paid for the purpose of SIP Investment , if we removed the amount what are we invested  there will be a amount of nearest to our Home Loan Interest value . By this we can easily recover the interest that we have paid for the home loan . This is the easiest way for us to get back home loan interest. If we can save systematically that 2000 is not ours per month, we can easily get another way to easily repay the interest we have paid.

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