GST Registration – Goods And Service Tax Registration

How To Register GST Online – How To Done Goods And Service Tax – GST Registration :

GST Registration Online Step wise procedure Available Here . Every businessman know what is GST – Goods and Service Tax and what is the impact of GST instead of Old Service Tax . We all know how important is Eway Bill when we are doing business , E way Bill is a certified copy by both RTO department and Commercial Tax Department to allow inter state and intra state goods transfer . When we have Eway Bill , No RTO will punish . such important is GST in our life .

In olden days to pay service tax or to take Eway Bill Copy or to done Eway Bill Payment it takes a lot of time . We need to be in queue line for getting the services done . Especially for the E Way Bill Payment ( Getting E way Bill ) we need to depend on brokers . A lot of 3rd party brokers looted peoples and merchants money .But when GST launched all the services made simpler .Now a common man can easily pay GST and a small Merchant can get Eway Bill for transport of his goods . So it is mandatory to have Goods and Service Tax Account for every Business Man .

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How To Done GST Registration Online | GST Registration Online Procedure : 

  • Open Website @
  • Select registration option , under Services menu in the main menu
  • A new page will be open @
  • In the new page you will have an online application , Fill the application form with your details and your proposed Business details .
  • Select New registration button , if you wanna go with GST Permanent Number
  • Or go with TRN button , for a temporary Number – TRN will be a partial solution
  • Select I am Tax Payer / Tax Deducator / Ecommerce / Tax Collector / GST practitioner , what kind of person you are
  • Select your State
  • Select District
  • Enter your Business Name – Legally Registered Name Only ( Legal Mentioned Name As On Pan Card )
  • Enter your firm registered PAN card number
  • Enter Email Address and Phone Number
  • finally select Submit & proceed to finish Registration process

How To Check GST Registration Status | Track GST Registration Status :

  1. First open Goods and Service Tax Official website @
  3. In the Home page , Under menu section , Select Services .
  4. Now Select ” Track Application Status ” under Services , in main menu section
  5. Else Open the direct URL – – Link
  6. A new page will be opened , there you will be asked to select Refund or Registration
  7. Select Registration If you want Registration Status , Select Refund Status if you want GST Refund Status .
  8. Enter your ARN / SRN application number and select search option to track your GST Status .

In What Case We Need GST Registration : ( Only Register For GST , If you are in any one of the below conditions ) :

  • If You are having an annual turnover limit of 20 lakh or above for your intrastate business , in this case you need GST Account .
  • If your business is located in any Special states ( union territories ) like the listed special states such as Assam, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, etc , You need to go for GST
  • If your business has an annual turnover of over Rs.10 lakh or more then you must have to register Goods and Service Tax Account .
  • If you are running an e-commerce business . And If you own an inter-state business means business is in the state limit ,  If you are required to pay tax under reverse charge ,  If you are required to pay tax under Section 9, sub-section (5)- You are a non-resident liable to pay taxes producing taxable supply In all such cases you need Goods And Service Tax Account .
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