DDO Request ( ddoreq ) – Check AP Employee Pay Details

DDO Request ( Ddoreq ) For Employee Salary Bill Preparation Using AP Cyber Treasury – Check CFMS Employee Pay Details Or AP Employee Pay Details :

DDO Request ( ddoreq ) is term used in an Andhra Pradesh Cyber Treasury Website which uses to pay Ap Employee Salary Bills and Pay Bills . We know every month AP Employee salary bill preparation is a big task to DDO . For the salary bill preparation Direct Drawing Officer uses DDO Request / ddoreq option in Ap Cyber Treasury Website to make proper salary payments .

CFMS AP Employee Pay Details – Check Now  

In past they use http://Treasury.ap.gov.in website for Making DDO Request Andhra Pradesh , But now its is changed and the new gateway is open for salary bill preparation in AP . So the term ddoreq – DDO Request Is now renames as CFMS Payment . 

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From the new AP Cyber Treasury System which is popularly Known as AP CFMS , offering various kind of services in their website . In all those services , salary bill preparation have a major role .

The website of APCFSS which is http://apcfss.in also offering Employee Salary Details ( Employee Salary Particulars ) / Providing Employee Payslip , Employee pension details , DDO request, Offering Various District level and Mandal Level DDO code , Pension Information , GPF slips , and Pension status ..more .

The said all services are available in different links available in Apcfss.in website .If you want any of the services mentioned in above these facilities can be taken by just following some simple instructions.

How To Prepare Employee Salary Bills ( Employee Salary Bill Preparation By DDO Request ) :

Here are the simple techniques to make DDO Request for employee salary bills , all you need to do is just opening the AP Cyber Treasury Website @ http://apcfss.in and choosing the proper link to DDO Request/ ddoreq  . If you wont find the proper website page then please follow the below link to open AP ddoreq page and follow the below guidelines .
  • first open AP Cyber Treasury Website @ http://treasury.apcfss.in , Select DDO request option on it
  • If not possible open http://treasury.apcfss.in/ddoreq/
  • After opening the website home page , you need to enter 7 digit DDO code and enter the 11 digit password .
  • while you are entering the password , make sure that all details are correct and re check the details once again to proper login .
  • After a successful login , in the left side menu there is an option called Pay Bills
  • Select the Pay Bills to prepare employee salary , Now you have to select the date and month and year
  • After the selection of payment month , it will redirect to new page and ask for Select Bill id
  • Select the Bill Id and choose for what month you are making salary bill preparation  and also choose year
  • By choosing the year and month , the bill is ready to submit . Here we need to check if the increment is placed or not .
  • Some employees are to paid increment and some need to paid DA and etc .So if any arrears to be added we need to check here in this option .
  • System will automatically display the eligible employees , who are eligible to receive Increment and Double Increment and DA allowances information ,
  • Choose the eligible employees and make sure to give proper information to pay Increments .
  • Here choosing the Date is main important , The date of increment will play a major role in Payments Done in Future and also in Cadre positions .
  • In the next process , we need to confirm the number of employees in each cadre after that take  proceed.
  • Check Two times all the information before confirming Bill Pay Submit
  • If all the given details are correct and proper , go through the Pay Bills and confirm the payment .
  • When we are ok with all details of the Employees , in the bill pay section select Choose DDO Bill Submission
  • Select from the drop-down list of the ‘Head of the Account’ option. Over there you will be able to check all the employees and their information such as name, employee code, serial number, designation, gross income, deductions, etc as well as the net salary.
  • If you successfully finish this process then you have completed the first round. After this, you will be prepared with the employees’ salary bills. And your next step will be generating the DDoS salary slips.

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