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AP Transport Driving License Search And APtransport Driving License Download , Driving License Application status check is now available at AP RTO website @ www.aptransport.org . People who belongs to Andhra Pradesh state , wanna check their Driving License Status , New Driving License Application status can check the same with AP RTA Citizen App or AP RTA Citizen web page . AP RTA Citizen portal is a web page from Aptransport.org , which is popularly known as Andhra Pradesh State Transportation website .

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Driving License Download – DL Status Online Here 

Registration Certificate Status – RC Status Here 

RCDL Status Check Online 

What Are Services Offering In AP RTA Citizen App & Website :

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In AP Transport website the Ap government offering several kind of RTO Services to their state public. In the RTO Services major are LLR Slot Booking , LLR registration , LLR Cancellation , Renewal Of Driving License , Download Duplicate Driving License , Adding More classes to Driving License , Online Registration , Permanent Registration , Temporary registration , RC Duplicate Download , RC Details Check , Vehicle Details Check , vehicle Information Search , Driving License Information check ,  Renewal Of RC Card , Duplicate RC Card Download , Ownership Transfer , Address change , No Objection Certificate Apply , Aadhar Seeding , Aadhar Seeding Search , Vehicle Tax pay Online and some other are popular .

How To Check AP Transport Driving License Application Status | How To Download Driving License :

  1. First open Andhra Pradesh Road Transport official website APtrsnport @ http://aptransport.org
  2. After opening the website , Select Permanent Driving License Under Driving License at main menu section .
  3. The direct URL is https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/#!/appstatus – The Url given here is for reference purpose . Kindly copy and paste the same to open the particular page
  4. when you choose permanent driving license , it will redirect you to the AP RTA Citizen web page , Where you will have different RTO Services list . If you open direct URL you will reach here with out taking above steps .
  5. In new web page , In Main menu section select Status .  After that select Driving License for newly applied driving license status and Old DL Status .
  6. When you choose the Driving License ( DL ) , it will take you to the application status checking with Application number and with out application number .
  7. If you have application Number , go through the option . If not choose with out application number and enter Name , Dob , Aadhar Card Number , Phone number to track your Driving License
  8. After filling all details make a search , Now it will show you your Driving License details along with Download Option . Choose Download or Print to save PDF file to your computer.

How To Check Driving License Details – Driving License Search :

  1. To check Driving License details there is an option available in AP Transport website @ Ap RTA Citizen page . Andhra Pradesh state people can access their driving license information there.
  2. To Check Driving License Information or to make Driving License Search online , first we need to open Ap RTA Citizen Page at Aptransport website @ http://aptransport.org
  3. The Direct URL is https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/#!/vehicleRegistrationSearch . Copy and paste this URL in your browser to open the direct page .
  4. After opening the Ap RTA Citizen page , in the right side of the above page corner you will have an option which is Vehicle / Driving License Details , Select that option .
  5. Now Select License Information for Driving License Search gateway .If you choose the one it will open in a new tab .
  6. The above image will show you how it looks like . Enter your DL Number and Captcha code properly with out any mistakes .
  7. After entering the correct information click on Get Data to track your Driving license information .

How To Check Vehicle Information – Vehicle Details Search With Registration Number Plate :

  • To Check Vehicle Information , As like we need to open AP RTA Citizen webpage @ https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/
  • After opening the web page , select Vehicle / Driving License Details , in top side of the page at right side top corner .
  • Else open direct link @ https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/#!/vehicleRegistrationSearch . Copy and paste the URL in your Browser to open the web page
  • After opening the web page , select Vehicle Details . And then choose Select by option with any one of the options like Registration Number / Engine Number / TR Number / Chassis Number
  • Enter PR – Permanent Registration Number If you choose Registration Number
  • Enter Chassis Number if you choose Chassis number
  • Enter TR – temporary registration number in the box if you choose TR Number
  • Enter Engine Number if you choose Engine number .
  • After all details fill up , Enter captcha code and click on Get data to finish the search .

How To Seed Aadhar Card With Your Driving License :

  1. To Seed your Aadhar Card with your Driving License , Open Ap RTA Citizen web Page @ https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/
  2. After opening Andhra Pradesh State Transportation Website – Ap Transport ( Aptransport ) , Select Registration in menu .
  3. Select Aadhar Seeding option in Registration menu under main menu section. It will take you to the new page where you can enter your aadhar details .
  4. Enter your vehicle Registration Number and Mobile number , Enter your mail id details .
  5. Accept the terms and conditions by reading the small terms , Finally click on submit the button to finish seeding.

How To Make Aadhar Seeding Search In AP Transport ( RTO ) Website:

  1. Aadhar Seeding With Driving License will allows vehicle owners and vehicle Drivers to get ysr vahana Mitra 2021 . To apply for vahan Mithra Scheme in Andhra Pradesh state every Auto / cab / lorry driver and owner has to register their aadhar number with RTO website via aadhar Seeding option .
  2. To made Aadhar Seeding Search in Ap RTO Website follow the below instructions . First open AP RTA Citizen ( Ap Transport ) website @ https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org
  3. Select Aadhar Seeding Search option in Menu section , Under main menu .
  4. Enter your Registration Number , Aadhar Number correctly .
  5. Now made a search by clicking on Search option to finish the Aadhar Seeding Search .
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