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Anandayya Krishnapatnam Medicine Delivery started today at Golagamudi village at Sarvepalli constitution . As a part of local distribution Sarvepalli MLA , Mr. Kakani Gorvardhan Reddy garu started distributing Anandayya Mandu in goagamudi Venkaiah Swami temple nearest area . A number of 1.40 lakh doses distributed successfully to people . In the same day at Chittoor district M.L.A Chevi Reddy Bhaskar Reddy garu also taken special care about Anandayya Medicine Delivery and preparing Medicine with Anandayya Son , to distribute to their constituency people. This is very happy news to people who are looking for Anandayya Mandu Online You can also check Anandayya Wiki , Age , Family Details and more @ Wikipedia  .

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Today Anandayya officially announced that he and his team members are started distributing 4 kind of Aayurveda medicine for free . And the another one called ” K ” also approved by Ap high Court and in soon they are going to distribute the same to people who are needy . Anandayya Medicine Delivery is a big topic and a big debate running in news channels about possibilities of Anandayya Medicine Delivery through Online website or Online Mobile Applications . Several questions are raised about the process but Anandayya state that they are looking to distribute in online , as it takes some more time to prepare arrangements . While they are getting heavy requests from people but there is limitations to prepare medicine . To reach the high production capacity they are putting their efforts .

How To Book Anandayya Medicine Delivery – How To Register For Krishnapatnam Anandayya Medicine :

Currently there is no official website or Application available to book Krishnapatnam Anandayya Medicine online . Not yet an announcement released from Anandayya and his team about website name or application name . But in recent news interview Anandayya garu stated that there is a possibility of distributing medicine through Website . Nellore district collector requested people to not come Krishnapatnam Village for medicine . They are preparing for online delivery of medicine throug postal delivery . So that all will get Anandayya Mandu online . 

What Is Chilldeal Website ? How To Book Anandayya Mandu Online In Chill Deal Website :

Chill Deal website is a private website , It is created by 3rd party provider Susritha technology . The Chairmen of Susritha Technology states that as a part of public responsibility his team are creating the website and going to hand over the same with full authentication to Anandayya team for online distribution . So chilldeal is not a fake website . The intension of the website is to hand over anandayya and his team or District administration to utilize for Anandayya Medicine Online Distribution . So it is going to offer krishnapatnam Anandayya Medicine Online so that it will be upcoming Krishnapatnam Anandayya Medicine website.

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