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Acko Insurance Online – Type of Insurance Plans | Buy Acko Bike Insurance & Acko card Insurance Online :

Acko Insurance is the best website to renew your existing insurance plan and to open new insurance in cheap prices . Did you know there are two kind of insurances are available in market ? One Insurance is Full Insurance and another one is 3rd party Insurance . Full insurance is a type of normal insurance which will comes with Vehicle Damage protection plan and opposite person protection plan ( 3rd party Plan ) and owner personal accidental insurance . when we purchase a two wheeler vehicle , at that time  full insurance will be issued to the owner . Full insurance will cover vehicle Damage plan + Owner personal Accidental Plan + Out side party Damage (3rd party Damage ) Plan. The price of Full insurance is 1500 or more . to come for the 2nd one which is 3rd party insurance , it is an insurance which will only cover opposite party accidental damage . It will not cover our Vehicle damage & Not Owner accidental damage . The price will be a minimum of 700 and above .

How To Renew Bike Insurance Online / How To Get Online Bike Insurance  

At the first time of vehicle purchase Companies or Show Room people will issue full insurance in On Road price . After 1 year we can renew the same if we wish to . Major percentage of people did mistake here by renewing the same policy . I too did the same mistake by renewing the full insurance . If we did the mistake that is wasting of money . vehicle damage will never cover 100 Percent cover , as we all know no one never received a good amount for vehicle damage . I too failed here for 3 times on 3 vehicles . Now with Acko i rectified my mistake . here i am sharing all my details .

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What is Full Insurance ? What are the benefits with Full Insurance :

Full time insurance is a kind of vehicle insurance plan which will cover all type of requirements , means it will cover vehicle damage protection plan for vehicle safety and 3rd party insurance for Opposite party protection . Owner needs to get an additional 15 Lakh insurance for 300 rupees for  1 Year accidental protection .  In this insurance , when vehicle met an accident , damage cover will applicable for vehicle . If opposite person injured then insurance cover will be applicable to the out party person . Meanwhile owner protection plan is same as 3rd party plan .

What Is 3rd Party Insurance – What Are the Uses of comprehensive Insurance @ Acko Insurance :

In the Comprehensive method which is also called 3rd Party Method , only opposite person will come under insurance what we have paid . For bike damage we wont get single rupee from the insurance company . Owner health damage also not cover up with 3rd party . When we take an extra Owner cover of 350 Rupee with the 3rd party insurance , at that time owner health issues will cover in the time of accident and if owner died with accident at that time Nominee will get 15 Lakh insurance . As per the govt of India guidelines a vehicle owner must have 15 lakh above insurance when he purchases a vehicle .

Step wise Guide of How To Purchase Online Bike Insurance / Online Two wheeler Insurance 

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