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Acko Car Insurance Online – Buy Your Car insurance Online at | Compare Vehicle Insurance Prices Online and Get Cheap Price :

Acko Car Insurance Online is the best way to get Cheap and Best price for your car Insurance Online . The official website of Acko Insurance is , where a common man / public can check all available Car insurance plans and where we can compare all Four Wheeler Vehicle Insurance prices and choose the cheapest one to our Vehicle . Not only car Insurance but also Two wheeler Insurance / Bike Insurance Online .

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If you are searching for Vehicle Insurance plans ? or are you looking for 3rd party Insurance plans ( Third Party insurance ) Here in below we are giving a step wise procedure to get Online Car Insurance at cheapest prices .

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Acko is a website which provides all kind of insurance plan details at one place . So that we can check every company Vehicle insurance plan details , after checking all we can choose the best one . In market there is an already a website which does the same called policybazar , but the website intends to General Insurance , Life Insurance , Accidental Insurance , Health Insurance policies . But acko is only designer for vehicle Insurance purpose . Have a look on acko website you will definitely like acko .

How To Buy Acko Car Insurance Online – Insurance Car Online @ :

  • First open  ACKO Official website @
  • Or Download Android Acko Mobile Application at your Mobile Phone from google play store . And then install the ACKO Mobile Application on your Phone .
  • Follow any one of the above step to open Acko Platform to check Vehicle Insurance Prices Online .
  • Through Website : After opening Acko Website @ , in home page there is a box to enter Vehicle Number . Select car/Taxi option in the upside of the box and enter your vehicle Registration Number .

  • Select Type Of Your Car , Means Personal use or Commercial Use . ( White Board registration number plate is personal use and Yellow board registration number plate is commercial use as per the central Ministry guidelines )
  • Once you select the option it will ask you to enter your area pin code , Enter manually and then proceed.

  • In the next page section Select Car Company Name , Fuel Type , Model Number , NCB Percentage , Policy expired or not , If yes when or if not expired when it will going to expire ,  Registration Date and then click on continue . All options will be shown like above image .

  • Last but not least enter your Mobile number to check all available Insurance plans to your Car model . Select the best one and compare it with your old insurance plan . I m sure you will be surprised . Acko will definitely surprise you with the cheap and best insurance plans .
  • As per my preferences , there are 3 plans available which are Comprehensive Plan and Standard Plan , Only 3rd Party Plan . In my previous article i already clearly explained what is 3rd party and what are the types in vehicle insurance policies . Read Previous Article .
  • If you choose comprehensive plan your car will be covered under Accidental damages , Natural Calamities , Fire accidents , Theft , Damage issues , Third Party looses , Part repair claims .
  • If you choose Standard plan all will cover like comprehensive plan but we need to pay 5000 for every claim , Remaining all amount is 100 percent free .
  • If you choose 3rd party policy , you will not cover under Vehicle Theft , vehicle Damage , Accidental Damage , Natural calamities and more Only covers damage caused to someone else’s vehicle or property by your car. Theft or damage to your car is not covered.
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